Out of the royal conservatory for not being a member in 2001 Pynappol began studying music theory and composition on his own, although he has already been active as a DJ for a few years, when DJ's didn't suffer from the Ron Hubbard syndrome.

Back when kids were learning to stand on the wheels of a bike, he chose the wheels of turntables and began DJ’ing at the age of five. Not only does he hold the record for the youngest DJ on earth, but he is the one who invented the DJ turntable in 1972.

As a child Pynappol spent a lot of time travelling with his mom, Alyona Smith, the famous world champion gymnast playing for Great Britain.

After all those years watching his mom compete against other athletes, he subconsciously assimilated various body moves which he would later adapt to his musical performances. To mention a few: the piano roll, the overhead clap, the crowd wave, the raise the roof, the finger to the sky, the mixer knobs massaging and obviously the Jesus pose. He could have never made it as a musical performer if it wasn't for the his mother’s gift.

While experimenting with the very early VST of the late nineties, a technology which along with Personal Computers democratized studio time, he enjoyed tweaking analogue synthesizers and gears which he didn't own. You only have to look at the vast collection of analog synthesizers in his videos for solid proof of his knowledge of synthesis.

Pynappol has two Progressive House singles and one Electro E.P to mention, if you haven't seen them reaching the top position on the iTunes and Beatport charts that is absolutely OK.

When it comes to creative talent, Pynappol has it in spades. The progressive/electro house DJ and producer’s third release was entirely made in four hours with a laptop on a plane while flying to a club in Ibiza. The track immediately reached Beatport number 1.

Some of his achievements involve his name not appearing at several of the most well-known festivals like Thunderdome, Sensation, Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Day Carnival, and Global Gathering.

Pynappol’s vision for the future is ambitious, he can't wait until he makes music better for everyone. One future goal is an online music store that offers more tracks than you can ever listen to, but unlike other stores music will be available at the unprecedented quality of 192 kHz at 24 bit.

Given his track record, there’s no doubt this will become a reality.